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About Us


About The Therapist

Nisha N Jhangiani (Counsellor & Hypnotherapist)

M. Soc. Sc. (Counselling), Certified Hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotists), Certified NLP Practitioner (Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Nisha Jhangiani is a trained Counsellor and Hypnotherapy practitioner who believes in a client-centered approach to therapy.

She has been working with welfare organizations in the mental health space since 2012. The ability to journey with a person as they rediscover their inner strength is what keeps Nisha committed to this field.

Our History

  • The Mind Wellness Philosophy

    “If your mind is powerful enough to create a problem, the same power is capable of resolving it as well.”

    We face difficult circumstances in life from time to time which impact our state wellbeing. This can result in the development of addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias or other forms of emotional dysregulation.

    The Mind Wellness philosophy is that the very process our mind uses to create these problems, can be used to create useful and positive patterns which restore our inner state of well-being.

  • Our Vision

    Mind Wellness Therapy endeavours to provide a holistic approach to therapy which empowers individuals to attain a state of inner well-being.

    As individuals we are attuned to our physical health and seek treatment when we feel ill. When it comes to issues surrounding our mental & emotional well-being, we are often unaware of the options available.

    At Mind Wellness Therapy we aim to raise awareness around therapy options that effectively address these issues.

Specialised Services

At Mind Wellness Therapy we offer a spectrum of therapy services which are adapted to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • Counselling Services

    We offer counselling services to address personal, social or psychological concerns a client may be facing. Therapy in this form provides a safe environment for a client to work through these issues and restore balance in their daily lives and social interactions.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy interventions are tailored to address habit patterns, addictive behaviour, phobias, stress & anger management and other emotionally triggered issues. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective approach for persistent and pattern based issues faced by clients.

  • Family Therapy

    In some instances, difficulties in interactions between members of a family unit act as a strong trigger for the problems faced by our clients. In Family Therapy, we explore these interactions and foster new and suitable interactions which can alleviate the welfare of the entire family unit.

  • QHHT Sessions

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a technique that was founded by Dolores Cannon which uses hypnosis to alleviate physical and psychological ailments using direct insight therapy with the subconscious mind.

  • NLP Interventions

    Neuro Linguistic Programming is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on communication and personal development. It is highly effective in addressing specific patterns or “programming” that a client is looking to change.

Client Reviews

“Nisha is a phenomenal therapist.Her knowledge, maturity and calm personality throughout the sessions was the only reason I feel so confident that I will be able to quit smoking. I cannot thank her enough for her help and guidance in getting me back to a healthy life, one that I have been trying so hard to reclaim for so long.” Mr. H. Singh, India

“Nisha made me feel confident, I am particularly amazed by the time she dedicated to me and did not rush me and put 200% of her focus on working with me. I would recommend hypnotherapy because you discover a lot about yourself very fast.” Ms. M.B, France

“Nisha is a professional and is knowledgeable. Therapy sessions with her made me feel positive.” Mr. Ng, Singapore

“Nisha is professional and I feel good talking to her. I would recommend hypnosis because it can solve problems permanently.” Ms. Lee, Singapore

Our OffersOur Offers

At Mind Wellness Therapy enjoy a Free Consult session the first time you visit us.

Relax, Release & Renew this May

Is the mid year stress getting to you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the people and situations around you?

Mind Wellness Therapy is offering a 45 minute deep relaxation hypnotherapy session, to help you unwind from the stresses of life.

Contact us for more information and book your slot!

Therapy For You

At Mind Wellness Therapy we provide therapy services that are best suited to our clients. Speak to your therapist about the therapy options available for you. Feel free to talk to your therapist about

  • Therapy styles and approaches
  • Your past experiences
  • Your concerns if any

It is important for a client to be comfortable with the therapy approach and style of the therapist

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